expressive communications

Our brilliant minds create strategies to reach your interested audience. Right here. Right now. Why wait?

Whether it is to spice up what you have already started or to begin with nothing, we can increase your online presence using a variety of interchanges between the many social media venues that exist. We use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. We can also blog about your particular offerings. We can produce a press release to draw attention to special events, offers or new products. Our strength lies in determining the best route to help you achieve your goals.

Our introductory offer is sweet. We are offering to get you started on either Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook for a low set-up fee of $150. If you would like us to monitor your account, it will only be $180 per month for the first three months. After that, perhaps you can take the reigns! If not, we can keep your account lively and responsive!

The staff here has over ten years experience in public and media relations, so we can also take a look at how to utilize the news media to increase your exposure to your target audience.

Why wait? If you know your online presence needs help, contact us soon to avoid missing out on potential customers. You do know that everyone “googles” everything now, right? You want to be right there at their fingertips when they search for you on their phones!

Best way to reach us? Email! You can expect a reply very soon!

  1. kay mason said:

    Hi Susan,

    Jamie Glaser gave me your name, He said he has already spoken to you about our video.
    Can you fill me in on what we need to do in order to have our video available to many viewers.

    Thank You , Kay

    • Hello Kay,

      You first contacted me six days ago. We didn’t do anything over the weekend and you have 1500+ more views on your new YouTube video than you did six days ago.

      Thank you for calling me! Also, a BIG thank you to Jamie Glaser who is one of the finest guys ever! (Yes, I’m name dropping! ;D )

      Best, Susan

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