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Federal Financial Group LLC

By Susan Escalante
Director of Public Relations, Federal Financial Group LLC

If you are new at social media and SEO, I have a couple of things to help you get started!  First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When a website link has value, as determined by a search engine,  it shows up closer to the top of a search return. A lot of entities are interested in having their ranking high on the first page since most searchers only look at the first page of a search return. Let me explain that in layman’s terms: If you “google” something, you get several pages of possible links that will help you. Often you find the thing you need right there on the first page, right? Yes, so that is why everyone wants to show up there – as if to say “Pick me! Pick me!”

To get a quick look at the most important…

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Am I right or am I right when I say that most of us spend way too much time at work? We need to outsource all the things we do not want to spend time doing. And that is where we come in. We can develop social media strategies, including fresh new content, that will make your head spin! But not spin off, though. That would not be attractive.  😀  Shoot us an email at to see if we can get you some time off so you can LIVE!