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Since we work in Social Media, you would think that we see just about everything, including the lastest movies out there! You would think that we read the latest best-sellers. However, like many other people, our lives are rich and it is nearly impossible to find enough time to see every new movie and read every new best-seller. So, we need to ask that you use the words “SPOILER ALERT” if you are about to talk about the story through Social Media! There have been so many people who will discuss the plot on Facebook before we have all had a chance to see the story!

Please join us in a major suggestion! USE “SPOILER ALERT” as a warning in your posts if you are



about to give away the end or the twist of a popular story. As readers, when we see “SPOILER ALERT”, we can then choose whether to keep reading or not. But at least we have a choice!  Thank you!!!

The above photo composite inspired this post! Please let us know who took these photos so we can give credit! Thanks!



Last Saturday we went to Park City, Utah to enjoy the city in the off-season. We were delighted to find a studio of Michael Fatali photography. I cannot tell you how in awe I was at the beautiful images he managed to capture without artificial lighting and no computer imaging. Everything we saw was as if we were standing next to him at the moment he captured the image. I share a few here, but you must stop by his website at and enjoy the rest!  Of course, while standing in his gallery, with the lighting and the wonderful tour given, it was an experience in itself and I would recommend that if you have a chance to go to Park City, Utah in the western side of the United States, you would enjoy a tour through this small, but illustrious gallery!

Upon entering the gallery, I was greeted with a very large size print of “Happily Ever After” :

This magical image made by nature was captivating and I was like a kid on Christmas morning, my eyes darting back and forth at all the intriguing images! I couldn’t take them in fast enough!

Angel Arch by Michael Fatali:


Spirit Stones (below) was a long time in the making. Notice there are not footprints anyplace. These stones inched their way, making that path over time.


One of his most famous photos below, Heavens Gate


And this one below, Living Dunes, jumped right off the wall, grabbed my heart and soul and pulled me into it. This reaction is not explainable so I won’t even try! However, I was spellbound by the contrast and the fact that there was not one single footprint. Our tour guide explained that Michael Fatali has a great amount of patience and will stay in one place for a couple of days until just the right images appear after a sandstorm. Sorry, but I have to say, move on over Ansel and make some room for Michael Fatali!

Thank you, Michael Fatali, for the amazing images! I hope I get to meet you someday.

Doesn’t everyone want to be a rock star at what they do? Social media lets you share what you are doing so that others can see what a rock star you really are!  It is like marketing, but it is more than just throwing a bunch of stuff out there hoping someone will bite. Social media is built on relationships.

If you are too busy to handle and manage your own social media, there are dozens of companies who do that. Of course, the rock star in the social media management world would be ta-dahhh, US!  So, while we are still offering an introductory offer, you will probably want to get moving on ramping up your social media! Rock on, baaa-beee!

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