Spoiler Alerts Needed in Social Media

Since we work in Social Media, you would think that we see just about everything, including the lastest movies out there! You would think that we read the latest best-sellers. However, like many other people, our lives are rich and it is nearly impossible to find enough time to see every new movie and read every new best-seller. So, we need to ask that you use the words “SPOILER ALERT” if you are about to talk about the story through Social Media! There have been so many people who will discuss the plot on Facebook before we have all had a chance to see the story!

Please join us in a major suggestion! USE “SPOILER ALERT” as a warning in your posts if you are



about to give away the end or the twist of a popular story. As readers, when we see “SPOILER ALERT”, we can then choose whether to keep reading or not. But at least we have a choice!  Thank you!!!

The above photo composite inspired this post! Please let us know who took these photos so we can give credit! Thanks!



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