This Week’s Picks

We spend a lot of time in social media, so we thought it would be a fun idea to bring you some of the best things we have seen this week. Enjoy!

First we have Jonathan and Charlotte singing. When they first started singing together, I got chills and then later in the song, there were tears around here.

Shocking the Audience at Britain's Got Talent

This definitely makes you feel happy!

Click  the link –>  Shy Boy and His Friend Shock the Audience with The Prayer

And secondly, we have a silly news clip of a very thankful woman who did not get caught in a fire! Her exuberance and “pray-talking” makes her lovable! Tyler Perry (yes, THE Tyler Perry) sent this to us in an email! Thank you, Tyler!  Also, our friend, Keith Fuqua called it a few days earlier when he saw it on the news: Keith predicted this would reach over a million views. It’s at already over 1.5 million views! Gotta love social media! It is like we are all one big family or something! haha! Ubuntu!

fire today

Seriously, who has time for bronchitis?

click the link –>

That is all for this week, folks! We will continue to keep our eyes open for our social media picks!

As always, with love!



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