According to New Study, Press Releases are Still Important in Media Relations


A well-crafted press release will secure a spot in the media much sooner than floating news around via social media and word-of-mouth. A press release goes directly to the news source who is in the business of finding newsworthy stories to produce. When a news source receives a completely thorough and concise press release, it minimizes the work they need to do on their end. If it is ready to publish, it will more likely be used.

A new study from a group called Text 100 in the United Kingdom compares the various ways the traditional news sources receive their information. From the 72 media personnel they interviewed, they learned that social media is consulted 2.6 times when a news story is being researched. They still rely heavily on press releases. You can read more here:

At Expressive Communications, we combine press releases and traditional methods of contacting established news sources with the current availability of social media. Because of our unique approach, we are able to reach out quickly and effectively. We thoughtfully construct an effective strategy for each client who wants to increase their online presence. 

A current example is a client that called just over a week ago. They wanted to increase their views on a YouTube video that they had already posted. From the time of their first call nine days ago, we have more than quadrupled the number of views on their video. We used a press release to secure an interview with the local television station combined with Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. And we are not done yet!

Our methods work especially well for musicians, politicians and small businesses who need to create a “buzz” about the work they are doing. Having said that, we can help just about anybody improve their online presence. The added visibility increases either traffic to your location or to your website. That is a very good thing! 


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