You are Who You are

Measuring the ROI on social media must be done by more than looking at the increased sales and revenue. Social media helps to build and maintain your brand identity. It helps to instill and create the perception of who you are and what you are offering. It is like laying the ground work for recognition for your products and services. I will share with you an analogy.

In life, people get to know you and what you do. They learn this by what they see from you and what they hear from others. Social media works the same way. By placing information about yourself (or your company) out there on several different social media locations, you are building your reputation.. Then you are a part of a certain industry or a certain genre. You are who you are, built by the perception and reputation you put out there.

Here is another site that talks about the need to build and optimize your image in social media:

  1. Linary Kingdon said:

    This looks really good, Susan. Good for you for doing it!! I wish I had enough funds in place to hire you to do some things for me/my nonprofit…but am not there yet. One day!! I wish you the best with this. Linary

    • Hello Linary,

      Thanks for stopping by to see this! Since you are doing non-profit work, we can give a discounted price to you! So when you ready, let me know!

      Hope things are going well in the Deep South for you! Thanks for your good wishes! Best wishes to you on your education and foundation!


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