Honestly, do you think we are going to share with you ALL of our trade secrets? Um, no. But we will give you an idea of how we work. Of course, the strategy we create for you would be much more robust using the little extras that are not listed here. (wink, wink.)

For an example of a strategy, we can use our own company, Expressive Communications. We are a small start-up right now with tons of experience to draw from.

We will first set up our social media so that it is visible. We will then add traditional things like a press release to announce our new business and plan a “grand opening event”. Then we can send another press release to announce our grand opening if we time it correctly. All the while, we are tweeting and posting to Pinterest and Facebook, the three most-used social media in the USA.

Don’t worry, we haven’t given away all of our trade secrets! We will be happy to share those with you when we begin to work together!


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