Thank you to Presidential Hopefuls Yeah and Marissa Samake for their Endorsement

Thank you to Presidential Candidate, N. Yeah Samake and lovely First Lady Hopeful, Marissa Samake for their endorsement!

“On May 7th, 2011 we announced our bid for the Presidency of Mali in Salt Lake City, Utah. Susan Escalante was in attendance at our announcement dinner. Being the proactive, resourceful media specialist she is, Susan took it upon herself to use Twitter to rally support and bring our Presidential campaign to the media. She used social media to notify traditional media. Several national and international media opportunities have resulted from her persistent efforts. She is now opening Expressive Communications to help others increase their online presence and gain media attention. We wish her only the best and know that she and her staff will utilize their savvy skills to benefit their clients as we have benefited from her professionalism and go-get-it attitude. No feat is too big or too small for Expressive Communications.”

Niankoro Yeah and Marissa Samake

@YeahSamake   @MarissaSamake on Twitter

P.S. from Susan:  The election is April 29th, 2012!  Feel free to Tweet, pray, and donate to help them raise Mali to the status of an emerging nation!


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